All of a sudden everyone is waking up to the fact that carbon emissions and our American lifestyle in general are destroying the planet and making us, with each passing day, more energy dependent on Venezuelan or Middle Eastern oil. So when we undertake a general or partial interior remodeling, what should we keep in mind? And will “going green” help us to be healthier as well?

LEED for Homes as well as the Florida Green Building Coalition both deal with these issues through a point system for certifying green houses. What can we learn from these two systems and apply them to interior remodelings?


For my money there are four things which are going to do more to make an interior remodeling energy efficient:

1. A very high energy efficient rating (SEER) for the air-conditioning system

2. Adding windows whenever possible to provide as many rooms as possible with cross-ventilation

3. Ceiling fans

4. Overhangs over all the windows or planting shade trees outside the windows.

Then, after these 4 points, there are many which are also very important.

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